About us

Our philosophy is modesty with a unique elegance.

Each woman’s style is a unique personal expression; we honour those differences and created KHIMAR. As a Muslim woman we know sisters want to wear modest but modern abayas. These are rare to find at affordable prices, with tailored styles & cuts. At Khimar we created an online one stop boutique catering for Muslimahs needs including elegant/modern abayas, variety ofscarves, accessories, Halal skincare, hair care and cosmetics. 

We take inspiration from cat walks, fashion magazines such as Vogue and latest high street trends. We try to implement these trends into our designs bearing in mind modesty & Hayaa. We understand the criteria of Islamic dress for a Muslimah & this is our main objective. The rest of our ideas, designs, & inspiration stem from this thought. At khimar we have a wide range of modern, elegant and modest abayas at affordable prices without compromising the quality and wearability.

Also our unique range of handbags and scarves will add a wow factor to any outfit and can be used to create your own special elegant and trendy look. Khimar is up to date with scarves and have included a bright and beautiful range of scarves made with luxurious and elegant 100% silk material to many other fabrics. We have also created our own range of beautiful hijab pins and brooches as a final touch to your outfit.

At Khimar we also do Halal and vegetarian Skin Care, Hair Care and Cosmetics. Made with 100% natural and organic ingredients our collection of skin care, hair care and Cosmetics is handcrafted here in the UK and uses eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable. Our products are registered with The Vegan Society UK, are halal certified and also BUAV Registered, meaning they contain no animal ingredients, no alcohol and are never tested on animals.