At Khimar, we work tirelessly to bring our designs to the market. Our team research, design and create all Khimar branded items and they are sold exclusively on our online boutique.

At Khimar we have our own designers who spend long days and hours creating unique designs tirelessly. It takes a lot of time and efforts to bring a new collection to life. We hand pick our fabric so that our customers get the best quality products giving them the best value for money. Each design sold on our website has the Khimar seal on it so our customers know it is the original product. All Khimar products are based on our own blueprint, from the design,manufacturing in our own facility, to the finished product.

Recently some websites and individuals have replicated our products and some have even gone to the extent of using Khimar’s photographs as their own. They sell these cheap imitations without remorse. Contacting and purchasing these replicas/fakes from fraudulent sellers is an immoral form of trade. Stealing and replicating is an act of theft which is forbidden in Islam.

We strive hard to create our own products to serve our customers best and to us, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority. Hence Khimar team will continue bringing original and loved products to our customers. In fact these cheap imitations make our brand, Khimar, much superior and loved.